Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Things my Dad Cares About

I have a dad. Yes I know. So do you, and the person reading over your shoulder, and the person you will email after reading this, and the person that will read over their shoulder after you send that email. If they don't, then they used to. However, my dad is special. He has these little things that are almost OCD. Here is a short list of things he obseses over:
  • Get out of the house by 8:00 (School days)

This one used to be a problem, but now I drive

  • Don't go outside wearing your socks and no shoes

I dunno. He hates dirty socks maybe

  • Make sure the Internet works

I'm always messing with the house's network (see last post)

  • Don't go to church with wet hair
Don't ask me. I dunno the reasoning for this either
  • "What do you think I'm doing? I'm writing a blog post"
All he does in his free time is write blog posts

I don't know why he cares so much about these things. He just does. In fact, the only reason I wrote this, even though I had already posted one today, is because he used one of them today. The one that is only ever directed at me. He said, "...as long as my Internet works."

Also, I never thought of what that person said to me. This is going to bug me all night.

Why is the internet always a globe or a cloud? This question bugs me a lot.

Network Troubles

Well it turns out that Mrs. Diesel didn't think I was that funny. Oh well go vote anyway.

The other day I got 2 Linksys routers in the mail. I only needed one, but if you have 2 why not use them?

Oh by the way if you don't understand computer networking, then reading this would be like wasting precious minutes of your life.

Anyway, I decided to hook up these two routers to my house network, which now looks like this:

If anyone else has ever set up a network like this, you would know how hard it is to get 3 routers to get along and let the devices connected to the last one still get internet. Plus the server on the second one is a public server, so I have to mantain security at the same time as allowing the 2 routers access to the internet.



Someone told me something really confusing today, and I was going to share it here. But now I forgot what it was. Oh well.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fergie - The Oxy "Moron"

Apparently Fergie, the very popular music artist, is selling her green Hummer 2. That's not all. She is also giving 100% of it away to Global Green USA.

One of Global Green USA's challenges is climate change and another is clean water. Now as far as climate change goes, I'm going to assume that they are trying to rid the world of global warming and that they are not trying to speed up the process.

OK lets recap. Fergie is selling her H2 (which gets 12-16 MPG) and giving it away to Global Green USA (who is trying to "change climate"). Anyone see something wrong with this equation?

On another note, I submitted my comment for Diesel's picture comment contest. Go over there and submit a comment, and then on Tuesday, go and vote for mine when his wife picks one of mine. :-)