Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fergie - The Oxy "Moron"

Apparently Fergie, the very popular music artist, is selling her green Hummer 2. That's not all. She is also giving 100% of it away to Global Green USA.

One of Global Green USA's challenges is climate change and another is clean water. Now as far as climate change goes, I'm going to assume that they are trying to rid the world of global warming and that they are not trying to speed up the process.

OK lets recap. Fergie is selling her H2 (which gets 12-16 MPG) and giving it away to Global Green USA (who is trying to "change climate"). Anyone see something wrong with this equation?

On another note, I submitted my comment for Diesel's picture comment contest. Go over there and submit a comment, and then on Tuesday, go and vote for mine when his wife picks one of mine. :-)


Jeff said...

Maybe the new owners will convert it to a hybrid. Then it could get 12-16 FPC (feet per charge).

seventh sister said...

Makes me wonder how you would get rid of one of those things if you somehow came into possession of it. Could you have it melted downor something?

Diesel said...

Maybe they're going to grow pot in it?