Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fast Computer

I was recently looking for new hard drives on eBay. I wasn't really considering hard drives, but I thought I might want to try out the new SATA.

Anyway, I came across this hard drive. I was reading the specifications on it when I came across the warrenty label.

Now look at the caution. It states "Product warranty is void if... the drive experiences shock in excess of 350 Gs." Now tell me, how many times have you made your computer go 350 Gs? Seagate must have had a problem with NASA returning hard drives after making them go too fast. Thats the only logical explaination for setting a G-Force limit on your hard drive, right?


You may have noticed the ClickComments thing at the bottom of my page. That is for people who don't have the time to comment. They just click why they liked/disliked the post. So you lazy people, you can now comment with only one click!


Harmonica Man said...

Very funny. You must be taking after your dad.

Grandma said...

I enjoy reading your blog, even if I am so computer illiterate, I don't always know what you are talking about. The other blogs you've written are really fun to read!!!

uncle rick said...

What button do I push for "spelling error"? Your first "warrenty" should be warranty. Sorry to nit-pick.

Diesel said...

So I can't take it with me on my trip to the black hole? That sucks.