Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Hey everyone. Happy New Year. Just thought I'd show how other websites celebrated the New Year.

I like Google's 2007 in the fireworks.

At first I didn't understand how Yahoo was trying to show the spirit of New Years. They used this little picture:
But then that picture changed into this:

And then I understood.

Nintendo did this:
(I don't care what you say. I think it has the spirit of New Year)


So is YouTube celebrating or is Chevrolet?

JibJab made a new movie:

The United States offical website, did nothing to celebrate the New Year. They did not even say Happy New Year.
However the IRS did give us this little bit of New Year info:

Here's what I did. I changed the look of my blog, and oh ya, I posted the first new post since November 26.


Grandma said...

Hi Brandon----Happy New Year to YOU!!!! Sure did love getting to see you at Christmas!!! Hope you got home in time to get to work on time. Not as much fun, is it, being almost all grown up, and HAVE to be places, when you'd rather be at home and "play"? Love you!!!

rick said...

The new format looks good. I tried to check out Jib Jab, but this computer is tooo slow, so it just doesn't work. We are replacing all the plumbing in grandpa's house, and it's a horrible job. Anyway, Happy New Year!

Harmonica Man said...

Nice job on finding all of these. But on the "Nucking Futs" thing? Watch your language young man! ;-)