Thursday, March 15, 2007

Things I Hate About the Internet

First up, the webpage everyone has seen at least once. This happens when you click on a link that goes nowhere.

Secondly, the stupid little "x" where a picture should be. You can see this in the post below because the people who I linked that picture to, got jealous and took it off their website so I couldn't have it on mine.

O.K. This is a little personal pet peeve of mine. Microsoft thinks it needs to own everything electronic. So, they put up their own search engine that really sucks.

I think we can all agree that long loading websites should die.

Even worse, long downloads.

(Yes I edited this picture)

O.K. Who really cares if they are going on to a more secure website. Last time I checked, security = good.

I'm glad that it tells me that I'm leaving a secure website. The annoying part is that no matter how many times you check that box, this stupid security alert always comes back.

Whats the point! You have to sign up for 18 offers after you hit 18 targets to get your $50 gift card.

Finally, Geocities is great for people who want to make a family webpage, but don't know how. The bad part about Geocities is that people try to put informative pages up, but end up putting completly false information. If your going to use Geocities, stick with a family page.

So now you know about almost everything I dislike when it comes to the internet. Congratulations.


REAL said...

At least one of those could be solved by switching to Firefox.

B. M. Lee said...

Good Point

Harmonica Man said...

14 hour download?! Sounds like Grandpa's dial-up connection to me!