Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wii Release

If you remember or you go back through the posts then you will see that I was one of those crazy people who waited outside for a Nintendo Wii. Wanna know what happened, then read on. If not, don't read on.

On Saturday at about 8:30am I woke up. I had been talking non-stop about the Nintendo Wii for days before and was excited to get one. I had decided that if I got there by noon that I would still have time to get in line.

I took a shower and got ready for the day. My dad had said that he had heard of people staying overnight in some cities, so he suggested that I go and check out my compitition. I packed a bag full of supplies for the day. Grabbed all the warmest gear I could find. Found a sleeping bag (not to sleep in of course).

We headed over to Wal-Mart (yes I know, noone likes Wal-Mart. I just heard that they have the most in stock) at about 9:00. When I got there, 3 people were already in line. I decided to stay and wait out the day. I soon found out the 2nd person in line was someone I knew.

Pretty much the whole day went like this:
We sat.
Then we sat.
Then we sat somemore.
(Can't lose your spot in line now)
But we still found stuff to do once in a while.

At about 10:00 (1 hour after I got there) some people started showing up. By noon the whole line was full (boy was I glad that I didn't wait until 12:00). My dad came by once in a while to see if I wanted food or more clothes. A bunch of people in line had Nintendo DS systems, so we all played a few rounds of Starfox via NiFi (Nintendo wireless).

I called home and asked if my brother wanted to come over for a while. He could skateboard in the parking lot. We traded spots a few times so I could stand up once-in-a-while. My friends Josh and Chuckie came over at about 6:00pm. They saved my spot as I went inside to use the restrooms and play the Guitar Hero 2 demo. Chuckie had to leave about an hour later, but Josh stayed until the end. My family left and it got dark. Josh and I hung out until 11:00pm, one hour before I could buy the Wii. At 11:00 my dad came back and waited the remaining hour. About this time, people started selling there spot in line for more than $50 USD.

At midnight the store manager came out and told us to line up. Only those who were in line for a Wii were to get in the new line. He walked down the row and handed us each a ticket with a number on it. Mine said "4" because I was 4th in line. He walked us through the store in a single file line. We walked up to the layaway department where all the Wii products were. Everyone checked out, one at a time, number 1 going first and number 20 last. After I bought my Wii system and 1 extra controller, I headed off to GameStop.

I had reserved "Legend of Zelda" a few months before. I walked up to a guy at the door and showed him my reciept. He opened the door (I got to skip the line) and I walked in. The guy at the counter handed me the game, and I finally got to go home.

Josh and I stayed up for a few more hours playing Wii Sports and then went to bed.

I have to say, I love the Wii. Buy one today if you can. (This is not an ad) :)

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