Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Computers

My parents are always complaining that I have too many computers and that "we don't need any more computers in the house." Well I thought that was ridiculous. I decided that I would show everyone else my computers and just see if they felt the same way about my computers as my parents.

------------- Let's start with my room -------------

HP This is my HP Pavilion. I was given it when I helped someone fix their new computer. I use this computer for everything. It has Ubuntu 6.10 Beta (Linux) on it. It rocks.
This is my Compaq Deskpro. I am fixing it up so I can give it to my brother. It has Ubuntu 5.10 (Linux) on it. (Note the Ubuntu disks on top)

This is my Acer TravelMate. It's my awesome laptop. It has Windows 98SE on it.

The tower hiding in the back is my IBM server. I like to use this for easy file transfer on my network and for learning how to use a server. It now has Ubuntu 5.10 Server (Linux) on it and has 2 processors in it to make it go faster.

This is my Commodore 64 (old school). I don't use this much any more. To make this do any thing you have to program it yourself. I like to keep this just to say I have one (sometimes I go back and make a BASIC program).

This is my Compaq Presario. It was given to me by my neighbor. It is not working at the moment. It has Windows 2000 on it.

------------- Now for the kitchen -------------

This is my parents Dell Dimension. It lives in our kitchen (our high traffic room). You can tell by the amount of stuff both on it and around it, that we use this computer a lot (there is more stuff to the left of the picture). This computer has Windows XP on it

------------- Last the Basement -------------
This my bother, my sister, and my eMachines. It is the fastest computer in the house, so it gets used for gaming the most. I also use it to program my little robot (sitting on the ground to the left of it). It has Windows XP on it.

Now with all of these computers we obviously need a way to network all of them. So here's what we have for networking.
This is the D-Link Wireless-G Router that controls the network for the whole house.
This is the Linksys hub that controls the network to my room.
This is the Chase IOLAN+ Communication Server that shares devices on my network.
This is the KVM switch that allows me to use only 1 keyboard, 1 mouse and 1 monitor on 4 computers.

As you can see, I have six computers and my family has two more. I personally think that they are just jealous because of my awesome computer setup. What do you think?

Update: I now have two more computers. A Dell Latitude with Win2000 Pro and an eMac running OSX


Anonymous said...

Burn em

B. M. Lee said...

Thank you for your interesting comment, Mr Annonymous (*cough* Mike *cough). It inspired me to find your computers and "burn em".

Mike said...

You know when you have enough computers when you need to run your AC in the winter. Anyone have a fan?

B. M. Lee said...

Ha ha Mike

James Eric said...

No offense but the first few linux machines look like junk. You have a nice network setup going on there - the file sharing server, wireless router - exactly what i'd be doing if i had broadband...but really those first few linux desktops and the travelmate look like they are from 1992 and have 64mb of ram. nice collection though.