Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pros and Cons of Operating Systems

Yesterday I purchased an eMac. A few days ago I bought a Dell laptop. Because I now have a copy of all three major operating systems, I decided to do a story to celebrate. Since I do have all 3 OS's my story will compare the three.

First up, Microsoft Windows.
- Easy to change settings
- Easy navigation
- Most programs made for it

- Comes with so much stuff that you can't use it all
- Windows Messenger starts up automatically (like I want it)
- Costs a lot of money

Next up, Apple Macintosh
- Easy to find common programs (bottom of screen)
- Comes with Safari (as opposed to Internet Explorer)
- Fast

- One mouse button and no mouse wheel
- Not as many options in the "System Preferences"
- Bottom bar* sometimes gets in the way

Last, but not least, Linux Ubuntu
- An extremely easy to use desktop and system bar
- Comes with Firefox or Konqueror (not IE)
- Most likely the most secure

-Hard to install new software
- Not much commerical support
- Requires you to have a knowledge of how it works

For those of you who have got yourselves in the middle of an OS war, you can look here for suggestions. I am impartial to any system now because I have them all. So before you say that Macs suck, that Windows should die, or the Linux penguin (FYI his name is Tux) is annoying, get a copy of that operating system and find out for yourself.

*Someone commented and corrected me, The bottom bar is called a dock.


Anonymous said...

"bottom bar"? Have you ever used a Mac? Its called a dock

B. M. Lee said...

Sorry. Ya, I realize that now.

Used a Mac? Did you read the first sentance? I JUST bought one.

Harmonica Man said...

I admire your thirst for knowledge. If I were to start completely over, I'd probably go with... well, anything other than Windows. But as it is, I have my entire life invested in Windows applications and data - so it's going to be awhile until I can migrate over to something else.

Fortunately, I know a guy who knows a lot about this kind of stuff ;-)

Anonymous said...

thank-you. this is a great place to come to relax, be entertained, and to think deeply and safely. even better than a library, as there's no closing time...thanks

j-man said...

hey "anonymous": are you the most brilliant AND cowardly person in the universe? is it really necessary to be such an arrogant smart-ass? and to do it anonymously? grow-up. Life is about learning, growing, sharing and loving; if you can't do this, you need to put away your "Mac", quit being a "dock", and try really living a life. i just might know who you are. j-man

Grandma said...

Brandon: I love reading your blog---even tho I don't understand any of it!!!!! You sure are one smart grandson!!!!

B. M. Lee said...

Thank you grandma

Anonymous said...

also all macs come with 2 button mouses (mice?) now

nightfox said...

Ubuntu? Hard to install software? What???

B. M. Lee said...

@anonymous: Still most Macs still use one button mice.

@nightfox: OK, some software is difficult to install. .deb files are easier but still more difficult than Windows or the extremely easy Mac

Cone said...

On anything Debian based all you have to do is bring up a package managing program, search for what you want, double-click it and hit apply and it will download it and install it for you.

Is THAT what you consider hard? o-o;