Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nothing to talk about

I was talking with Mike today. We were talking about blogs. We had a little conversation that went something like this.

Mike: Hey Brandon, I went on your blog today and read your instructable on your Gameboy.
Brandon: Really?
Mike: Ya, I posted a bunch of comments on your blog again.
Brandon: Why do you keep doing that?
Mike: I dunno.
Brandon: Well sometimes they are kindda funny. You should write your own blog.
Mike: Ya, but I never have anything to write about.
Brandon: Neither do I, but I still manage to write one.
Mike: You should post this conversation on your blog.
Brandon: Yeah, maybe I will

The truth is, I really don't have anything to talk about. I pretty much sit down at my computer, reading digg or intructables until an idea for my blog comes around. Then I post it. Today I came home from work, put on a costume for Trick or Treaters, went on intructables.com and remembered the conversation we had. How do you come up with your ideas?

Oh, by the way...

Happy Halloween

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Mike said...

Yup, that's pretty much how it went.