Sunday, October 22, 2006


I hate spam. No, not S.P.A.M. (the junk in the can) I hate spam. You know the junk that people send to you in order to get you to try something or visit their site. It seems like now half of my comments show up as spam.

This is what I do:
Step 1 - Recieve dumb comment
Step 2 - Read about how dumb their cause is
Step 3 - Click the little trash can
Step 4 - Click "Delete Comment" (No, I don't ever delete forever)
Step 5 - Check to make sure it is gone

This was both a tutorial on how to delete comments and a rant against spammers.

So if your a spammer, don't comment. (Not like you would have read this anyway)


Mike said...

Delete em forever dude!!! Spamers should pull their lip over there head and swollow!

B. M. Lee said...

Thank you Mike. I do think that spam is dumb, but that's no reason to die for it. They are just trying to make money off it.

...maybe i should delete your comment.

Harmonica Man said...

I like spam - with hashbrowns!

B. M. Lee said...

Apparently you didn't get the point I made in my first sentence. I hate spam not S.P.A.M.

Or did you know and was just being dumb?...