Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Weird Titles on Digg

digg is pretty cool. However it can get some pretty weird stories. Here are some titles of stories I found:

Faith Hill is a Sore Loser
Bananas, an Athiest's "Nightmare"
Whale-dolfin hybrid has baby wholphin
The Spammers Strike Back
Vaccum Tubes Alive and Well
Grand Theft Mario
The Democrats best Slogan: "Bush lost the war"
Cassette Tape Wallet
Popsicle Licking Twins
Dumb Parents are Robbing Kids of Fun
Microsoft's Gates Looks to Energy
Every Tool Known to Man
Windows 3.11 is Still Alive and Ready to Beat Vista at Anything!
Microsoft not Allowing Red Octane to Produce Wireless Guitar
Fainting Goats
The largest model railroad in the world!
Walmart Apologizes for Selling Nazi Tshirts
The war is over and Linux won
What is a good temper tantrum if no one is around to see it?
Get Lost!
How Alphabet Evolved
Robot mistakes human flesh for bacon.
Is this the stupidest man alive?
Arrested for a Rubber Band Ball
The Coming Internet Traffic Jam
Gates “dares anybody” to exploit Vista
Man gives away free iPods because it makes him feel good
Your face is your password
This billboard will cause some traffic!!!!
Apple and The Beatles kiss and make up
Photograph of a lightbulb burning out
8 Reasons Why Idiot Masses Love Lists
I hate Macs
Bill Gates Won't Buy an iPhone.
God as Computer Programmer
Programmers don't like to code
Software is Hard
Japan's Super Sink Can Do It All… Well, Almost

Still more yet to come...


Mrs.H said...

LOL Great titles!

Mike said...


Harmonica Man said...

I'm going to have to check out how "Windows 3.11 is Still Alive and Ready to Beat Vista at Anything!" That sounds, umm - interesting.

Mike said...

Try these.

Walmart Apologizes For Selling Tshirts

Early human relative ate prehistoric smorgasbord

What good is a temper tantrum if nobody's around to see it?

Mike said...

I don't get how to get your money out of the tape wallet.

Grandma said...

That was fun to read---and I understood it too!!!